capriccio 5.0

A freeware score document editor and converter

This freeware document manager is used to create and edit musical scores by managing and adding musical notes in the required fields, preview and play them, or export as files converted to .pdf or .jpg. The interface gives access to multiple editing tools.

Capriccio is a free score editor. Thanks to it you can create scores, play or export them to the popular formats such as pdf or jpg. On the website the free online version as well as the free tuner and metronome are available.
Capriccio is a fully free program ? it does not require any financial outlays. There are no limits on the number of days or the number of initiating it.

The program makes a lot of various functionalities available ? entering of legato, many types of bar lines, lyrics, many other music signs such as triplets, quituplets etc., polyphony managing (polyphony of the instruments and the multiinstrumentation of works), upbeats, the possibility of listening to the piece.

The scores edited in the program look professionally. You can export them to such popular formats as: pdf, picture (png, jpg, gif) or MusicXML.

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